Pechiparai Dam

Pechiparai Dam is situated about 43 kilometers away from Nagercoil and 58 kilometers away from Kanyakumari, close to the village Pechiparaii in Kanyakumari district. The European Engineer Mr. Minchin was constructed Pechiparai Dam during 1897-1906, with the construction cost about 26 Lakhs Rupees in late 19th century. Pechiparaii Reservoir was built across Kodayar River about a mile below the confluence of the tributaries Kallar, Sittar and Kuttiyar at Pechiparaii. Pechiparaii Reservoir is one of the few places in India that is definitely worth seeing, even if it is not much cultural or historical place.

Pechiparai Dam, Nagercoil

Pechiparai Dam, Nagercoil

The Pechiparai reservoir was originated by the groundwork of the Pechiparai dam and plays a major role of supplying the drinking water and assists farmers for crops. Boating facility of this dam is a memorable moment and is a perfect place for picnic and excursions. Thirparappu Waterfalls in Kanyakumari district is receiving water from this Pechiparaii Dam.

There are public transportations available from Nagercoil and other places frequently to visit Pechiparaii Dam.

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  • An Indian engineer that I wkeord with was from southern India; probably near where you went. I don’t remember exactly where he was from but he offered to show me around the next time he traveled there but I never got it together to go with him. Wish I had.

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